Egypt’s Arab Contractors Company stepping up Africa operations

Contractor eyes major infrastructure projects such as bridges, sewage and water plants

PHOTO: Arab Contractors Company says it is looking at infrastructure projects in Africa. Credit: Shutterstock

Arab Contractors Company, the Egypt-based contracting firm, plans to step up operations in Africa as it eyes major infrastructure projects on the continent.

A spokesperson for the contractor told Big Project ME it was expanding operations this year on the back of its strong relationships with various African governments. The firm recently won contracts in Rwanda, Morocco and Togo.

“We have been in Africa for 30 years. Our relations with the various governments is very strong and has been for a long time,” said the firm’s procurement division’s spokesperson, Lubna Shatla.

“We’re looking mainly at infrastructure projects – bridges, sewage and water plants. We’re covering many fields,” she added.

Arab Contractors Company said in January that it had begun work on a new national road project in Togo, at an investment cost of $25 million. The firm will work on a 25km stretch of road in the capital of Lome.

It also announced that work on a $100 million ‘integrated housing city’ in Rwanda – the first of its kind in the country – would begin in the first quarter of 2015. It plans to complete and hand over the project within three years, the chairman Moshen Salah said.

The Rwanda project will consist of 500 residential buildings, alongside a number of key service centres, Salah noted, adding that Arab Contractors Company would also take on key utility works in the city.

The company also announced that it would deliver its first project in Morocco in mid-April.

Ashraf Rateb, head of the firm’s African sector, said the contractor would hand over the first phase of establishing the industrial soil for Morocco’s high speed train project linking Tangiers and Casablanca. An estimated $25 million has been invested into the project, Rateb added.

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