Sink some money… into a $1.3m ‘underwater villa’ in Dubai

Floating villas located off The World manmade islands will have one level completely submerged in water, according to promo email

PHOTO: Take the plunge? A series of villas up for sale in Dubai have one floor submerged under water. Credit: Privilege Dubai

If you’re looking to sink some money into the Dubai property market, one developer has the perfect answer.

A series of villas being launched to the market this weekend have an innovative twist: Their lowest level will be completely submerged under water.

According to a promotional email, the floating villas are being developed by Kleindienst Group, and will be located near its Heart of Europe scheme on The World manmade islands, located off the coast of Dubai.

They are being offered for sale at an initial price of $1.36m, at an event held this Saturday from 1pm to 4pm, according to the promotional email seen by

The three-level underwater villas will occupy a space of 1,700 square feet with the lowest floor completely submerged, according to the email.

Construction of the villas is expected to complete in 2017. The pre-launch event will take place on the 20th floor of the Arenco tower located in Dubai Media City.

Representatives of the Kleindienst Group could not immediately be reached for comment.

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