New detection system to reduce onsite collisions

The Paris-based technology developer Arcure, is conducting a pilot project for an embedded vision-based detection system, Blaxtair.

The system, which will become a “safety standard” is designed to minimise the occurrence and impact of onsite collisions between pedestrians and industrial machinery.

Based on a camera system with built in pedestrian recognition equipment, Blaxtair can detect obstacles and locate them in relation to the machine, creating visual and audio alerts to warn both the pedestrian and driver.

A control display creates high quality, undistorted field images for drivers to accurately interpret distances and shapes, with high detection and low false alert rates.

“Without an efficient detection device, safety is very difficult to implement,” said CEO Patrick Mansuy.

“Preventing collisions between moving machinery and pedestrians on site is a major concern for most industrial activities such as building, logistics, heavy industry and carriage. Until now, no real solution had been found and injury statistics are still worrying,” he added.

According to Arcure, more than 10,000 collisions occur in Europe every year, causing around 1000 deaths and costing €1bn. Collisions account for 40% of all fatal accidents involving building machines.

“It was mandatory to develop a technology assisting the driver and being able to raise a pertinent alarm in case a pedestrian was threatened,” Mansuy added.

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