Dubai proposes scheme to force developers to offer affordable housing

Big developers would have to build homes for low-income families under proposal made by city authorities, according to press report

PHOTO: Between 15% and 20% of new housing projects would have to be made up of affordable properties to rent under a proposal made by Dubai authorities. Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai authorities have proposed a scheme that would force property firms to include affordable housing in large developments, it has been reported.

Dubai Municipality has sent a proposal to Dubai’s Executive Council that outlines a plan designed to address the emirate’s shortage of accommodation for low-income families, according to the 7DAYS newspaper.

The proposal includes a law that would ensure that 15% to 20% of new housing projects are made up of affordable properties to rent.

The newspaper reported that up to 20 people are living in cramped conditions in rundown houses in some parts of the city.


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