Saudi rail plan to be updated after $750m deal

Dornier Consulting signs six-month contract to revamp rail master plan

PHOTO: The Saudi Railways Organisation is looking to expand the network in the Kingdom. Credit: Shutterstock

Saudi Railways Organisation (SRO) has signed a six-month contract worth $757,161 with Dornier Consulting to update the Saudi Railways Master Plan (SRMP) project, it has been announced.

The revamp will ensure a better and safer rail network, Mohammed bin Khalid Al-Suwaiket, president of SRO said.

Dornier Consulting will develop a conceptual framework for the long-term development of passenger and freight networks, he added.

Al-Suwaiket explained that the SRO is keen to expand the railway network, emphasising the economic advantages as well as rail “reducing environmental pollution, the number of road accidents and consequently, road maintenance costs.”

Al-Suwaiket added that the SRO would receive full government support as it looks to expand the Kingdon’s railway network.

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