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The director of the RTA Chairman’s Office explains why a sustainable Project Management Office is crucial for success

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What can we expect from the session that you will be presenting at DIPMF?

In my session, I am going to share a formula to build a sustainably successful Project Management Office (PMO). The structure and precision of the formula help maximise the benefits of PMO to the different stakeholders.

How has the digital revolution contributed to your project management practices?

Like any other form of management, project management relies on information. In the digital age this became available at the click of a button. At RTA we are making use of various digital tools to harness the power of information, the latest of which is the Organisational Project Management System (OPMS) which enhances:

1. Strategic visibility into portfolios, programs, and projects;
2. Management overview via dashboards and reports.

We strive to share information among the different teams and also turn this raw information into knowledge through data processing and analysis.

How critical is the PMO in the development of your organisation in specific and other big companies in the UAE as a whole?

Research by PMI and many other project management practitioners have identified the critical role of a PMO within an organisation, and the impact of such PMO on strategy implementation and decision-making at C-Suite (the highest-level executives).

High-performing PMOs are more than three times as likely to realise their potential in contributing value to their organisations as low-performing PMOs (56 % verses 17 %), according to PMI’s Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report (PMI, 2013a).

What are some of the improvements that you would like to see in the field of project management in the region?

I believe the region has numerous project management cadres of world-class calibre. I would like to see more attention given to:

1. Building local talent in project management.
2. Highlighting the strategic role of a PMO in an organisation.
3. Project management research and development.

In this way we can contribute back to the advancement of the practice worldwide.

How do you think the UAE’s mega projects will contribute to the regional economic performance in the upcoming years?

The UAE’s mega-projects will most definitely contribute to charting the upward path of economy, both regionally and globally; not only because they are being run with sustainability in mind, but also because their success assures investors and consumers of the value they get in return for their spending. Add to that thousands of newly created job opportunities, combined with the cosmopolitan nature of the region, only then one would begin to appreciate the prospect.

Please describe in general how you think DIPMF will influence change in the project management landscape in the GCC?

Our vision for DIPMF’s contribution to Project Management revolves around two axes: making Dubai a hub and centre of excellence for project management, not only in the GCC but also internationally. Secondly, we would like to see it as the catalyst for the translation of project management literature into the Arabic language.

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