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Matteo Gioia, ORA Regional Marketing Communication Manager, BASF Construction Chemicals UAE talks to Infrastructure ME about the chemical major’s product portfolio for the region’s fast developing airports sector

Matteo Gioia, ORA Regional Marketing Communication Manager, BASF Construction Chemicals UAE talks to Infrastructure ME about the chemical major’s product portfolio for the region’s fast developing airports sector

How is BASF geared to respond to the airport sector’s growing demand for new infrastructure in the region?
BASF’s portfolio presents a comprehensive product range for the construction and refurbishment of airports. MasterGlenium, MasterTop, MasterSeal, MasterEmaco, MasterTile and Ucrete ranges, by Master Builders Solutions, as well as Wabo products are part of the wide and high quality BASF’s offering to this sector. Master Builders Solutions is our new brand for the construction industry, developed by a cross-industry, global exchange of knowledge and technology. These products are designed keeping climate requirements in mind, and are well-suited for the high quality infrastructure projects in the region.

Could you give us a particular case study of BASF’s engagement with the airport sector?
BASF has provided comprehensive sustainable solutions for the Dubai International Airport. These include:
• Waterproofing systems and sealants: Dubai International Airport required, during the second extension phase, a watertight solution which would reduce, control and cure future possible leakages. MasterSeal re-injectable hoses and membranes were installed to allow increased resistance to damage caused by structure movement; MasterSeal sealants were chosen due to their high weather, jet fuel, oil and chemical resistance. The engineering of these products minimises the risk of leaks and the disruption of retrospective maintenance, thus reducing the life cycle costs of the structures and extending their durability.

• Performance Grouts, Repair and Protection Systems: For the same project, BASF provided MasterEmaco performance grouts, which re-establish the long-term durability and load bearing capacity of concrete. Working quickly to allow a fast return to service, they match the concrete’s strength, improve the aesthetics and prolong the lifecycle of the structure.

• Flooring solutions: MasterTop cementitious floor overlays were applied in an area of 50,000m2 during the same expansion phase of the airport. The chosen product was highly fluid and pumpable for fast installation and self-smoothing. Its effective compressive strength and rapid cure allowed the applied area to return to service in 24 hours.

• Admixtures: We were proud to be the sole supplier of admixtures for the 2.4m m3 of concrete used in the construction of Dubai International Airport Terminal Three. As part of the construction, MasterGlenium superplasticiser was used in self-compacting concrete (SCC). They utilise latest-generation polycarboxylic ether polymers manufactured in-house by BASF. The use of SCC was prompted by a need for fast construction and the requirement for high-quality surface finish of the concrete.

How distinctive are BASF’s flooring solutions for the airport sector?
Our portfolio includes a variety of flooring solutions by Master Builders Solutions for airports and other infrastructures. MasterTop DTZ is a hard-wearing, highly decorative, epoxy terrazzo floor covering used in public space areas that are subject to high volumes of rolling wheels and foot traffic. It provides the ultimate in low maintenance and durability, typically lasting the life of the structure. It is composed of zero ZOC naturally occurring aggregates, recycled glass and an epoxy binder, utilising wherever possible locally sourced materials.

Ucrete industrial flooring is long lasting and convenient to install. Meeting the needs of modern processing industry, Ucrete is a unique suite of products based on polyurethane concrete which has enjoyed a reputation for performance built up for over four decades. Considered the world toughest floor, Ucrete is durable, non-tainting, moisture tolerant, hygienic, clean, safe and thermal shock, mechanical and chemical resistant.

Along with Master Builders Solutions that also include Tile Fixing Solutions and thermal insulation Wall Systems, Wabo from BASF comprises a full range of expansion control systems.

Within the Expansion Control Systems led by the Wabo brand, a comprehensive range of expansion joints is available for use in airports. These include architectural joints to fit within the floor finishes that extend the service life of structures by protecting them from weather, moisture and premature deterioration. Wabo expansion control systems incorporate recycled, recyclable and renewable materials whenever possible and use waste reduction practices to lower the impact on natural resources.

How does BASF embed sustainability into its product portfolio?
We view sustainability as one of our core strategic principles, which led us to become a founding member of the Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC). Our products are developed to improve resource efficiency and increase the durability and strength of structures, reducing the need for maintenance and ensuring safety.

BASF’s Master Builders Solutions products are designed to meet the green building standards and simplify construction without compromising modern and sophisticated aesthetic requirements. BASF‘s sustainable solutions, such as its weather-proof range of products are affordable and environmentally sound, and provide a quick return on investment.

We understand the recent drive toward sustainable construction. BASF Construction Chemicals has recognised this need and addressed it through the introduction of Green Sense Concrete. Green Sense is a cost-effective mix optimisation service in which supplementary cementitious materials and other powders are used with BASF chemical admixtures. The resulting product meets and exceeds engineering performance targets. Evidence for the improvement of sustainability criteria is provided by a third-party certified eco-efficiency analysis.

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