RTA steps up preparations for Phase II of Dubai Water Canal

Authority expects to open Phase I of main traffic diversions for water canal by end of October 2014

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to complete works for Phase I of the main traffic diversion on Al Wasl near Safa Park as part of preparations for starting Phase II of the Dubai Water Canal project, it has been announced.

The diversion is expected to be fully opened by the end of October this year. It will extend for half a kilometre and maintains the same number of existing lanes in order to avoid major disruptions to traffic in the area.

“Works are up and running in the Dubai Water Canal project and progressing according to the timeline set. The project works dictated diverting the traffic on Al Wasl Road, including the same number of lanes. The new traffic diversion will be fitted with all the required traffic safety means, such as signals, cautionary lights on the street and concrete barriers,” said Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency.

“Work has started in laying utility line conduits underneath the path of the proposed Canal (Mainland side) while protecting and diverting utility lines underneath the traffic diversion path. Concurrently with these diversions, construction works will start on the bridge on Al Wasl Road in the direction of Abu Dhabi, once the traffic movement is routed directly through the traffic diversion.”

The Dubai Water Canal project has been divided into three phases. The initial phase will include the construction of bridges across the Water Canal on the Sheikh Zayed Road sector. These eight-lane bridges will be constructed to rise eight metres above the water level, allowing for the free movement of marine traffic in the canal, around the clock.

Phase two of the project will include the construction of bridges along the Water Canal on the Jumeirah and Al Wasl Roads. These will comprise of three lanes on the Jumeirah Road and two lanes on Al Wasl Road in each direction. In addition, a ramp from Al Wasl Road to Al Hadiqa Road in the direction of Sheikh Zayed Road will be built.

The third and final phase of the project will include the digging of a 3.2km canal, filling works to create an artificial island on the beach side, constructing a marine wall around the island to prepare a sand beach and building a marina for yachts and the RTA Water Bus. Three footbridges will also be built.

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