UAE construction rebuilds its interaction platform

Netoworking group ‘Young Entrepreneurs in Property’ steadily resuming operations

Young Entrepreneurs in Property is UAE’s first-of-its-kind construction social group

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Young Entrepreneurs in Property (YEP), a free-for-all social group which was actively involved in the UAE’s construction industry before the market downturn of 2008, is now on track to reboot its operations.

Founded in 2006, YEP is a platform that enables members from the UAE’s construction and property sectors to learn more about their industry.

“The UAE’s construction market stands to benefit from a networking group that enables members to freely interact and share knowledge”, says Alistair Price, co-committee member of YEP.

On a bi-monthly basis, YEP organises construction-themed informal meetings in various well-known locations across the country. An experienced industry professional is invited to share his/her view on a chosen topic, following which guests are encouraged to contribute and question.

“We’ve held three events now and have had a really good turnout for all,” says Price. “The event is educational due to the presence of a speaker, but it is held in a relaxed social atmosphere,” he continues, emphasising on the need to build a friendly, low-pressure environment where fresh and recently-employed construction professionals can learn without inhibition.

In a traditionally formal construction market, YEP’s events are viewed as potent communication tools, and Price states he seeks to attract more members from the construction community into the network.

“Developers, contractors, lawyers, consultants – there are numerous players involved in the construction industry, and YEP meetings ensure attendees get to learn not only about who’s in the industry,” says Price.

“Importantly, the conversations at the event also inform the participants about how the industry collectively works at a much younger age than they would in, say, a year in a formal setup.”

YEP’s next event will be held in March 2014, Price added.

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