Saudi Arabian employers obliged to pay for treatment of work-related injuries

Renowned Saudi lawyer says payments for employees’ treatment are in line with Article 33 of KSA’s labour law

Article 33 of Saudi’s labour law stipulates that employers pay for treatment of work-related injuries

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Saudi Arabian employers are legally bound to pay for the treatment of their employees for any injuries sustained at work.

“The labour law provision stipulates that injuries be classified within categories according to a social insurance system,” Bandar Al Amoudi, a Saudi lawyer said, in a report by Arab News.

“Vocational illnesses are classified within a work injury system and patient history will begin from the first medical citation of the illness.”

According to Article 33 of the country’s labour law, employers are obliged to bear all expenses that arise from work-related injuries, including compensatory damages. Paid for directly or otherwise, the total remuneration includes hospital stay, medical tests and analyses, X-rays and compensatory equipment and transportation to the point of treatment.

“Employers will also be obliged to pay expenses for fatal cases resulting from work-related injuries, in addition to compensation,” Al Amoudi added.

Labour safety has assumed great importance in the GCC construction sector of late. Qatar has repeatedly been criticised by foreign media and human rights bodies for its treatment of construction workers, prompting the government to release a reworked set of labour reforms as it prepares for the Fifa World Cup 2022.

Furthermore, on-site labour safety in the UAE has been on a marked decline since the commencement of 2014, despite numerous workshops organised by the Abu Dhabi Municipality to educate construction workers about the mandatory on-site equipment they are expected to wear at all times.

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