‘Government measures can increase sustainability quotient, attract investors’

Developers will adapt to green legislation, end-user demands for sustainability, says Australian government official

Grame Barty: “Sustainability required to attract investors”

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Dubai has to intelligently plan its energy and water consumption to achieve sustainability targets.

In conversation with Big Project ME. Grame Barty, general manager for international operations of Austrade said the UAE’s construction industry will be impacted by externalities, such as the demand and supply variables of energy and water resources in the region.

“Urban centres are facing a rise in population, not only due to inherent local population growth, but also trans-migratory trends. This places a significant demand on urban environments, which when combined with economic development and objectives calls for intelligent sustainable city planning measures,” Barty explained.

“Construction activity leads to increased demands for power and water in a country,” Barty explained. “Industries cannot grow without thinking of the future. It is therefore critical to accommodate sustainable practices, such as intelligent use of fit to purpose water, efficient building designs, optimal utilisation of concrete and so on.”

According to Barty, who is currently visiting the UAE for a summit organised by the Council of Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR), said governments and related bodies play a key role in ensuring a city’s sustainable targets are met.

“If a city or country cannot show its sustainability quotient, chances are good it will fail to attract investors,” he explained. “If governments set a vision and implement legislation and policies driven at sustainability targets, developers will automatically adapt to the same.

“It is not only an ecological advantage for the owners, but also a long-term financial gain and cost-cutting measure. Increased education and awareness about sustainability amongst the public will motivate owners to accordingly meet the reformed market demand,” Barty added.

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