Nakheel awards $12.8mn-worth contract for design work on Deira Islands project

International design firm AE7 will undertake design and supervision work on Nakheel’s waterfront project in Deira

Nakheel recently signed a contract with design firm AE7 for work on its Deira Islands project

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Nakheel commenced activity on its Deira Islands project as it recently awarded contracts worth $12.8 million to international design and supervision firm AE7.

Under the first contract worth $7.6 million, AE7 has been appointed to undertake design and supervision services, including master planning, parcelisation and infrastructure design for Deira Islands.

The 15.3 sqkm waterfront city project was announced in March 2014 as an opportunity for two and three-star hotel operators to participate in the Dubai tourism market.

“Deira deserves more attention,” Ali Rashid Lootah, chairman of Nakheel had said at the time of the launch.

Another contract, worth $5.3 million, was also handed to AE7, for the completion of architectural and engineering services for the Night Market and Board Walk sections of the project. Based on the 4.5 million sqm large south island of the project, both, the Night Market and Board Walk will be made accessible from the mainland through road bridges and abras.

The Deira Islands project is expected to add 40km, including 21km through beachfront, to Dubai’s coastline. Construction of infrastructure will be undertaken soon, with tender documents for the same due to be released in May 2014.

Additional construction scope under the project includes a shopping mall, an amphitheater, a marina, hotels, resorts and other mixed-use buildings.

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