Chinese engineers accidentally create desert while building artificial lake

Attempt to create artificial lake results in desert being formed

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According to reports emerging from China, a failed attempt to produce an artificial lake drawn from a natural water source has instead resulted in the creation of a “desert,” with dunes up to 10 metres high and a total size of four ‘basketball courts’ large.

Described as “a building made of sand,” a report by China’s People website says the natural water source, Dragon Lake, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, is now surrounded by dunes of sand which “at first glance, is really a bit like desert (sic).”

As per, officials removed the sand surrounding the lake in an attempt to create an artificial green reserve in the locality. Instead, “the underground water source dried up and all the dug-up sand began to spread. It has now resulted in a large wasteland of parched earth in the area,” the report says.

Residents in the vicinity have complained of the ill impacts of the blowing sands in the area. Local government authorities, according to People website, refute claims that the dune are the result of a mishap, and are instead stating the spot is actually a construction site.

“A responsible person to respond, first Dragon Lake area is not the built-up area, but the construction area, there are bare sand, mound normal, the main task is to conduct municipal road construction. Although the current relatively large area of bare sand, but later will certainly be a large area of green. When asked about specific green when completed, the official said they are now unclear. (sic).”


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