Sustainability finds takers in building materials market

Local insulation manufacturers embrace internationally-known raw materials, technologies to improve product sustainability

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The introduction of the Estidama code in Abu Dhabi has had a significant impact on the construction industry there, with better, safer, greener and more economical buildings being built, an engineering expert has said.

Speaking at a seminar for architects, developers and building consultants in Abu Dhabi, Dr Yasemin Nielsen, associate professor of Civil Engineering at Abu Dhabi University, said that the Estidama plan would bring tangible benefits to the construction industry.

“Estidama will lead to longer lasting and more energy efficient buildings that offer long term cost savings,” she explained.

Sponsors of the seminar, Knauf Exeed Insulation, backed up her assertions, adding that it had seen a significant improvement in the demand for insulation materials and applications since the introduction of the Estidama code.

“We are committed to meeting the increasing demand for energy efficiency in new and existing homes, non-residential buildings and industrial applications,” said Daniele Cerutti, general manager of Knauf Exeed Insulation.

“Developers, consultants and contractors need to consider the overall sustainability of the materials selected and installed in the new buildings. This is where we play a significant role as our products contribute to efficiency of energy, improved indoor environmental performance of the buildings.”

Estidama focuses on preserving the physical and cultural identity of the region, while improving quality of life on four equal pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic, social, and cultural, Dr Yasemin Nielsen added.

“Clean energy takes a central position in the UAE Government’s development strategy and they are innovating solutions in energy efficiency, water efficiency, building standards, and sustainable development.  The built environment is a chief contributor to the sustainable development, and in many ways takes a large share of the challenge,” emphasised Cerutti.

“Our insulation products can help to meet this challenge. Sustainable development is now the policy of most local, national and international political bodies, and for much of industry and commerce. We are in a strong position to carry this mission forward.”

Knauf Exeed Insulation is a joint venture between Knauf Insulation Holding GmbH, one of the world’s leading and fastest growing manufacturers of insulation materials; and Abu Dhabi based Exeed Industries, one of the leading manufacturing groups in the UAE.


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