RTA has considered Bus Rapid Transport for Dubai

Cycle tracks to be increased to 428KM by 2020

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Abdul Aziz Malik, advisor for Dubai Taxi at RTA Dubai, and head of the steering committee at MENA Centre for Transport Excellence (MENA-CTE) told Infrastructure Middle East about the authority’s efforts to develop a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system for the emirate.

“We have previously considered the BRT system for Dubai, and even undertook various feasibility and efficiency studies to gauge whether it would work for the city,” Aziz told IME while speaking at a workshop being hosted by the World Bank in Dubai. “It is a good solution for metro cities, but we are not sure how it will work for Dubai just yet.

“However, we are open to adopting the system when a mature solution has been reached.”

Furthermore, Aziz said 636 of the planned 2,400 air-conditioned bus stops for Dubai are already constructed and in operation. “We have planned a bus network that will span up to 3,000KM in the city. These plans will gradually be implemented in the near future,” he continued.

The RTA is also focusing on improving Dubai’s cycle networks, Aziz said. “The plan is to have more than 850KM of cycle tracks in Dubai.

“Seih Al Seib is dedicated to the development of cycle tracks. Up to 120KM of cycle tracks currently exist in Dubai; we are aiming to increase this number to 428KM by 2020, and 900KM by 2030,” he continued.

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