Alfanar felicitates six PMA graduates

Alfanar Construction empowers young talents with state of the art project management competencies

Saudi Arabia-based Alfanar Construction has concluded Project Management Academy (PMA) programme for its first batch of students and honoured six graduates at a ceremony in Riyadh. It was a fast track career programme for its employees to develop and build their skills, which will enable them to take on greater corporate responsibilities and become future leaders in the field of project management.

“Alfanar Construction believes that there is a need to constantly enhance the existing skills of employees while developing new ones so that they can deliver their finest performance. Therefore, the company has introduced a programme

, which enables select potential employees to undergo comprehensive learning and training experience essential to take on important senior roles in the company,” said Eng Sabah Al Mutlaq, Vice Chairman of the company.

As part of its efforts to develop a Successor Development Program for its young and high potential employees, Alfanar Construction launched its PMA Program in 2012. The program is designed to identify, improve and enhance their business, leadership, technical and personal skills that would drive them towards a rewarding career and progressive future. The two-year comprehensive education and training program was composed of 91 training sessions, which enabled Alfanar Construction to embrace and effectively apply the project management standards consistently and to achieve improvements on a continuous basis.

Al Mutlaq added, “We are delighted with the immense success of the program under which several employees were trained on various aspects of professional project management. This has been possible only because of our team efforts, dedication and long-term strategic planning. In addition, we have benefitted from several successful global schools that have helped us in launching this program. We are confident that it will support the company’s growth and development and contribute towards the sector’s progress. I congratulate the six graduates and wish them a successful career growth with Alfanar Construction.”

Eng Abdullah Al Hammad, President, Alfanar Construction, said, “The PMA Program is an initiative that allows the company to transfer knowledge and experience acquired through its large portfolio of major projects to our promising new generation of engineers. We are highly satisfied with the outcome of the program and we are pleased to appreciate the graduates for their successful completion of the program. Furthermore, we look forward to building on the achieved success and expect an increase in the participation rate as we continue to develop and offer new versions of the program. Alfanar Construction well believes that such training and skill building exercise is the key to the quality and well-being of the sector in the long run.”


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