Tenders refloated for Oman’s regional airports

Ministry of Transport and Communication relaunches tenders for the development of green-field airport projects

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RELATED ARTICLES: Oman to award $65bn in projects over next four years | International Rescue | Tender floated for design of Omani National Railway network Oman’s awaited passenger terminal packages linked to the development of green-field airport projects at Sohar and Ras Al Hadd were relaunched by the government last week after a delay of almost two years, the government has announced. Overseeing the multi-billion dollar modernisation of the country’s aviation sector, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, following a major design review, reappraised the packages covering three regional airports, including the one under-construction at Duqm. The design review resulted in the overhaul of the design of terminal buildings at all three airports, with the structures scaled down to improve functionality without reducing their passenger throughput capacities, estimated at 1.5 million per annum, local media reports said. Reworking the technical and design features was also expected to achieve cost reductions in the construction, maintenance and operation of the terminals, the Ministry stated, besides allowing for horizontal expansions to smoothly take place in the future. Scaling down the area where the terminals will be constructed was also expected to provide for ample space available for investment in tourism and aviation-related services. The Ministry was reported to have adopted a uniform layout for all three domestic airports, with each terminal to be constructed on an area of 5000 sq metres, containing a restaurant, retail outlets and amenities for passengers. Baggage conveyor systems, passenger air-bridges, and modern air navigation facilities will also be standard at all three terminals. As part of the Phase III (Passenger Terminal) package, a relevant successful bidder will reportedly construct a 38-metre high Air Control Tower (ATC), as well as other facilities at Sohar and Ras Al Hadd.

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