New 3M hard hats sound off on sun damage

New range of hard hats warn users when safety quotient of their head protection is running out

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Our skin isn’t the only victim of the sun’s sharp radiation – man-made materials like plastic are also prone to degradation by the sun’s harsh rays, and 3M has designed and developed a new range of hard hats to counter just that. 3M’s newest product features a color-changing UV sensor that tells the wearer when the safety-quotient of their head protection is running out. 3M™ H-700 and H-800 Series Hard Hat with Uvicator™ Sensor are hard hats that feature, besides the sensor, a redesigned ratchet-adjustable suspension system, air vents and a sweat-stopping absorbent forehead pad. The Uvicator™ sensor tells wearers when to replace their headgear which, due to exposure to sunlight, might go brittle and shatter as against protecting the wearer’s head. The red UV indicator sensor on the front of the models slowly fades to white as a sign of depleting resistance to the sunlight.

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