Qatar sets date for first stadium

First of 12 new stadia to be completed by 2015

Qatar is to complete its first “state of the art” 2022 stadium by 2015, according to the Qatar News agency (QNC).

In a release last week, the agency reported the new venue will utilise the revolutionary cooling technology and renewable energy that formed a vital part of Qatar’s World Cup bid.

“We are in the process of finalising development plans to host the World Cup in 2022 and we are looking to complete the first stadium with cooling system technology by 2015,” said the bid committee’s secretary general Hassan Al Thawadi.

According to Al Thawadi, programme management will be signed “by the end of 2011” in order to begin the project in early 2012.

It is still unclear if this project will be a constructed or renovated stadium.

Qatar’s overall World Cup project deadline, which includes the construction of nine new stadia and the renovation of three existing stadia, has been set for 2020, to allow time to host other major tournaments ahead of the 2022 games.

“Our intention is to host a major football tournament by 2020 as a first dress rehearsal. We can then host the Confederation”s Cup in 2021 so by 2022 we would be ready the big one,”  Al Thani added.

Plans have also been announced to launch the first tender on Qatar’s US$36 billion rail project, in the coming three months.


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