Abu Dhabi-Fujairah high-speed highway proposed

Dubai Traffic Police proposes highway that will allow drivers to hit speeds of 200kmph

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A new road dedicated for cars driving at 200kph has been proposed by Dubai’s Traffic Police.

Studies will be undertaken to assess the viability of the scheme, said Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, director of Dubai’s Traffic Police Department.

The suggestion is for a highway that will link Abu Dhabi to Fujairah, which will be meant only for those who prefer driving at high-speeds.

“The idea can become a true reality,” said Al Zafeen. “Maybe we need a road for motorists with powerful cars who want to drive 200kph. It would also be good for people who drive on a daily basis between UAE cities.”

Speaking at the launch of the RTA’s White Points System, Al Zafeen added high speed is not the only cause of accidents and other factors are involved in the case of a collision. He further said the specifics of the highway, needing four lanes in two directions, would need further deliberation.

Mohamed Al Kindi, a company representative of Canadian Motors which is one of the patrons of White Traffic Points System, supported the idea of setting up highways where only high speed cars can travel.

He said this has been tried and tested successfully in the US and Germany, as per a report by the Fujairah Observer.


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