Saudi planning port to ease Jeddah sea traffic

Project to be launched after necessary financial allocations from Ministry of Finance

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Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a 43 million sqm port on its western coast, in the Red Sea town of Al Lith.

Mohammed Al Qabbaa, governor of Al Lith, said the port, which be nearly 230km south of Jeddah, will (together with Jeddah) turn the two ports into the most important economic areas on the Red Sea after Jeddah.

“The main benefits of this project is that it will ease pressure on Jeddah port,” said Omar Al Zahrani, head of the municipality in Shawwak town south of Al Lith, “and at the same time contribute to the development of that area, create jobs for Saudis, attract residents and lure in factories and other investments.”

He further informed the project will be launched after the necessary financial allocations from the Ministry of Finance are made.

“Following which, tenders will be issued for consultancy companies to carry out the design work, the planning of the quays and canals, and the areas of excavation. It is too early to give a project timeline,” he continued.

Mansour Al Gamdi, Jeddah’s assistant secretary-general for municipalities added that the port, land for which has already been allotted, will give access to giant vessels.

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