Fire breaks out in restaurant at Dubai’s Marina Tower building

Restaurant owner claims fire was caused by a “small electrical problem”

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A fire broke out in Dubai’s 32-storey Marina Tower building earlier today.

The fire, believed to have started at 6:50 AM in the burger restaurant situated on the building’s ground floor, caused residents to evacuate their homes, said a report by The National.

According to a civil defence official, none of the 60 evacuees were injured and were permitted to return to their apartments after an hour.

Initial reports suggested the cause of the fire was unknown, however Big Project ME spoke to the restaurant’s owner, who claimed the fire was caused due to faulty electricals.

“The fire was caused by a small electrical problem, (but) it was mostly a lot of smoke, (which possibly caused people to worry). The evacuation process was undertaken as a standard procedure,” he said during a telephone interview.

He added that the restaurant was back to normal operations.

According to The National report, some residents have complained the building’s fire alarms did not ring as they should have and they only evacuated the building when the fire crews arrived.


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