Liebherr and Wolffkran cranes purchased for Kingdom Tower

Largest crane capable of lifting 18 tons, at a speed of 44m/min

Kingdom Tower, the ongoing Jeddah based project that will become the world’s tallest skyscraper, has set a new world record, following the purchase of the tallest construction crane in the world, the developer behind the project has announced.

With a final height of more than one kilometre, the project places particular demands on the construction equipment used on site. With this in mind, custom built cranes have been supplied by German firms, Liebherr and Wolffkran.

The huge devices, known as ‘climbing cranes’ have been designed to accompany the Tower’s growth both externally and internally. In the latter, the systems will use any of the building’s 65 interior elevator shafts to make the climb.

“Now that we have completed our subterranean work, we are airborne,” said Mounib Hammoud, CEO of Jeddah Economic Company.

“The unprecedented size and height of Kingdom Tower means we can only utilize the very best in equipment, material and methods. Liebherr’s and Wolffkran very impressive and innovative cranes fit this bill,” he added in a report by The Saudi Gazette.

Of the six cranes being used, the largest is the Liebherr type 357 HC-L, which can lift up to 18 tons, at a speed of 44 metres per minute, at heights parallel to that of the tower. Although the cranes are attached to the body of the building, they also sit atop a support tower of only 2.4 metres X 2.45 metres.

Furthermore, the cranes feature heavy-lifting technology that will allow them to withstand harsh weather conditions, including the strong winds that are present at the heights. Specially trained operators will be hired to control these cranes, with experience and certifications vital.

The Kingdom Tower will features 170 stories in total. Seven stories will be allocated for the five-star Four Seasons Hotel, which will offer 200 rooms and 121 luxury serviced apartments. A further seven stories will be allocated for for offices.

The Tower will also have 61 stories that include 318 housing units of various types. Amenities such as gyms, spas, cafes and restaurants, two sky lobbies will also be present in the building. The world’s highest observation decks will be located at the 644meters, enabling visitors to view the city of Jeddah and the Red Sea.


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