SDLG: lighter, new excavators launched in South Africa

SDLG recently launched two new excavators, LG6150E and LG6210E, in South Africa at the Bauma Africa show in Johannesburg.

SDLG's excavators were unveiled at the Bauma Show in Johannesburg.

SDLG’s excavators were unveiled at the Bauma Africa show in Johannesburg.

Following launches in Morocco and Africa, Volvo-owned Chinese equipment manufacturer Shandong Lingong Machinery Co. (SDLG) recently launched two new excavators, LG6150E and LG6210E, in South Africa at the Bauma Africa show in Johannesburg.

The 14-tonne LG6150E excavator is designed for light construction and civil works. A powerful machine capable of easy and cost-effective transportation, the LG6150E’s light weight is ideal for municipal maintenance work. The 21-tonne LG6210E is fitted with a 3.9 m dipper arm for versatility and an extended undercarriage for maximum stability. At the larger end of the scale in the SDLG range, this excavator is most suitable for large-scale construction sites, road drainage, pipe trenching and hopper loading.

“Our range of hydraulic excavators has been designed with export markets in mind,” explained Wang Xiaohui, head of export sales at SDLG. “We understand that our customers want a tough machine that will keep running — even in the harshest conditions. They (als0) want to get a fast return on their investment. We’ve kept that in mind and created a range of excavators that deliver on price and performance.”

SDLG’s range of hydraulic excavators are ideally suited to the African market and are manufactured in the company’s production facility in Linyi, in China’s Shandong Province. In the Middle East, SDLG-brand machinery is sold by Volvo CE distributors in most markets.


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