Sany pumps to 586m in Shanghai

Job 100m less than Burj Khalifa record

18 Sany-built units have been deployed at the site since the end of March 2010

18 Sany-built units have been deployed at the site since the end of March 2010

Concrete pump trucks manufactured by Sany Heavy Industries have been used to pump 580 metres to the top of the Shanghai Centre tower under construction in China’s largest city.

The Shanghai Center, which is to be completed in 2014, is located in the financial center of Lujiazui area in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Center is built on a foundation as high as a two-story building and 1.6 times as large as a standard football pitch. It took as much as a quarter of the total amount of concrete used for the whole Shanghai World Financial Center and is the largest foundation for civil architecture in the world.

18 Sany-built units have been deployed at the site since the end of March, 2010, comprising 12 pump trucks, four trailer-mounted pumps, and two line pumps, that were able to deliver 60,000 cubic metres of concrete in 60 hours.

In April, 2010, after the massive foundation was completed, the three trailer-mounted concrete pumps and two placing booms were used to deliver concrete vertically to construct the structure itself.

As of August 6, 2013, concrete placing job for the 123 stories of the core wall and 110 stories of the outer wall of the Shanghai Center was completed and in total 90,000 cubic meters of concrete were placed.

Contractors Shanghai Construction Group expressed their satisfaction with the Sany product – the HBT90CH2150D super high-pressure concrete pump. The pressure at the end of the hose of the pump is 50 MPa and its theoretical pumping height was over 800 metres.

“The past 1,700 days and nights has proven that SANY’s trailer mounted concrete pumps were stable and powerful. Even working in high temperatures, SANY’s HBT90CH2150D trailer-mounted concrete pumps never failed because of explosion of the hose or blockage of the hose,” said the Group.

According to Sany, of all the high-rising buildings in Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Liaoning, nine buildings or 70% of the total, were built with Sany concrete pumping equipment. All skyscrapers higher than 500 meters in China have been constructed with Sany equipment.

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