Sany cranes’ overseas success

Overseas sales of heavy cranes grow fast

Sany describes its global sales as a pleasant surprise in the face of slowing Chinese demand

Sany describes its global sales as a pleasant surprise in the face of slowing Chinese demand

Sany Heavy Cranes has reported strong growth of its products in overseas markets, with foreign sales accounting for 36% of total sales in the first half of 2013.

Key products have been the 30- and 55-tonne capacity truck cranes, especially with models that have been specifically tailored for markets in Asia including Thailand and Singapore.

Sany says the overseas sales growth has been a “pleasant surprise in the face of a softening Chinese market”.

“The achievements made by SanyHeavy Cranes were first and foremost a result of the company’s policy of focusing on both key products and key markets. Guided by this policy, we did thorough research into the market and customer needs, gave more precise definitions to our products, and were able to develop and sell the right products to the right markets,” said Jian Qi, GM of Sany Heavy Cranes.

Sany developed the 55-tonne capacity truck crane with a downward folding jib for the Singaporean market and the 30-ton and 55 tonne truck cranes specially tailored to the Thai market, core products leading Sany Heavy Crane’s internationalisation.

According to Jian, another key tool has been cooperation with Sany’s local dealers, including giving all-round support to the dealer in areas such as sales, management, and service, and setting up powerful sales and service networks for the dealer. Dealers are encouraged to adhere to the principles of “service taking priority over sales, and parts taking priority over services.”

Key Sany crane dealers in the GCC include Al Areedh in Saudi Arabia, and United Mechanical Equipment (UME) in Abu Dhabi. In the past 12 months, Chinese construction manufacturers have looked to increase their overseas presence especially in the 20-120 tonne range of truck cranes, which are less complicated to engineer than all-terrain cranes, and therefore can be sold at extremely competitive price points.


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