MAN launches new tractor to ME range

TGS WW 6×4 tractor head designed for Middle East markets

Customer feedback in the region has be implemented in the new truck’s design

Customer feedback in the region has be implemented in the new truck’s design

MAN Truck & Bus Middle East has launched a new truck designed for the Middle East region, the MAN TGS WW 6×4 tractor head. The vehicle was on display at Big 5 in Dubai alongside the MAN TGS WW 6×4 rigid tipper. 

Featuring excellent traction and long haul operation with dynamic MAN Aero Package and MAN TipMatic for more efficiency, the MAN TGS WW 6×4 is built with a strong traction chassis for off-road applications to cater to the tough road conditions across the Middle East.

The MAN Aero Package leads to optimised air flow through improved aero dynamics to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 3%. The MAN Tipmatic automised gearbox system also leads to reduced fuel consumption by up to 5% and reduced operator costs through optimized gear shifting. The system leads to less wear and tear on the driveline while preventing driver errors and damage to the driveline particularly with less experienced drivers. It also leads to long clutch service life.

Customer feedback in the region was implement in the new truck’s design, said David van Graan, Head of the MAN Center Middle East and vice president Sales and Marketing.

“Over the years, MAN trucks have consistently fulfilled the highly demanding needs of customers in the construction sector in Middle East with their efficient operation and ruggedness combined with high payload.

“Our participation [at Big 5] this year reflects MAN’s innovative technology, product superiority and focus for the region with customised products specifically developed for our customers here based on their feedback as highlighted by the MAN TGS WW 6×4 tractor head.”

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