Cat launches three wheel loaders

C7.1 ACERT engine powers new loaders

The three K-loaders are powered by the Cat C7.1 ACERT engine

The three K-loaders are powered by the Cat C7.1 ACERT engine

Caterpillar has launched three new small wheel loaders, the 924K, 930K and 938K, which replace the popular H-series models, the 924H, 924Hz, 928Hz, 930H, 938H and IT938H.

The small loaders feature a Tier 3 engine, improved fuel and great operator comfort. Among the new features are an efficient electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system and the new optimized Z-bar loader linkage already seen on the larger loaders.

The three K-loaders are powered by the Cat C7.1 ACERT engine, which develops 102kW for the 924K, 115kW for the 930K, and 136kW for the 930K. The machines to deliver fuel savings up to 25%, compared with H-Series models, with the C7.1 rated speed setting of 1800 rpm, compared with 2415 rpm for the H-Series, contributing significantly to reduced fuel consumption, lowered sound levels, and reduced wear. An engine-idle shutdown system further reduces fuel consumption.

A further improvement for the engine is an redesigned fuel filtration system, which features a dual fuel filter with increased dirt holding capacity for longer life.

The new models are also equipped with a step-less, four-range, hydrostatic drive system that allows independent control of ground speed and engine speed for efficient operation of hydraulically powered work tools.

A new creeper control feature is designed for low speed operations, allowing the operator to adjusted maximum ground speed down to 1.6 km/h (1mph). Additionally, an operator-controlled rimpull-control system helps reduce wheel spin and consequent tire wear, and a front differential lock enhances traction. Hydraulic-filter service intervals are extended to 2,000 hours.

The loaders are built with the new optimized Z-bar loader linkage, which blends the breakout power of Z-bar linkage with the parallel-lift and load-handling characteristics of Cat VersaLink or IT (Integrated Toolcarrier) linkage. The new linkage, available in both standard- and high-lift configurations  on the 930K and 938K, accepts pin-on tools, Cat Fusion coupler or a coupler that meets ISO 23727 and is compatible with competitive work tools.

Operators will benefit from the electronic joystick for implement control being seat-mounted, adjustable and it incorporates integral controls for auxiliary hydraulics, directional shifting and optional differential lock. In-cab sound levels are reduced to 71 dB (A), down from 74 dB (A) in the H-Series models. Furthermore, kick-out functions for boom lift, boom lower and tilt are standard and easily programmable by pushing and holding a button on the Soft Touch panel.

930K specifications

Engine: C7.1 ACERT

Net kilowatts: 115 kW
Operating weight: 13,198 kg

Pin on bucket: 2.3 m³

Full turn tip: 8,375 kg



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