Cundall offers WiredScore’s first certification for homes in the Middle East

The firm says it is one of the first accredited professionals in the Middle East to assist clients in achieving the new certification

In a bid to strengthen its commitment to smart buildings and sustainability in the Middle East, Cundall is offering WiredScore certification for Homes and Neighborhoods. As one of the first Accredited Professionals (AP) in the region, Cundall will empower clients to realise their smart building and sustainability ambitions, the firm explained.

With the increasing demand for smarter, connected residences and communities, the WiredScore certification sets a global benchmark for the built environment. This industry-leading certification helps create best-in-class buildings that attract and retain tenants, meet high sustainability standards, and are future-proof, said a statement from Cundall.

“Smart building solutions can power a sustainable future by monitoring, managing, and optimising energy consumption through data and connectivity. Aspects such as sustainability, resilience, and smart technology are now common expectations from clients. With technology underpinning our lives, residents and end users demand a best-in-class user experience that only the most well-connected buildings with forward-thinking smart features can offer,” explained Steven Fry-Harris, Associate Director, Cundall and certified Accredited Professional.

He added, “As we face an increasing demand for smart building approaches and resilient IT infrastructure, delivering world-class technological buildings is hugely important to Cundall and our clients. The WiredScore certification serves as a global benchmark, aligning other well-known certifications such as WELL. By ensuring technological resilience, minimising future disruptions, and setting clear building services system requirements, WiredScore offers a comprehensive approach for homes, workspaces, and communities.”

SmartScore Neighborhood is said to extend connectedness to an urban scale, helping landlords and developers demonstrate that their community has top-tier connectivity within its buildings and in the public spaces around them.

Mario Saab, Head of Sustainability MENA, Cundall commented, “This certification complements WELL and LEED Cities by focusing on digital connectivity and technological resilience. Together, these certifications create a comprehensive framework for building human-centric, sustainable, and technologically advanced urban environments. In addition, we are delighted to already be certifying a groundbreaking major residential scheme in Dubai that pushes the boundaries of sustainability in the UAE and the region.”


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