Estidama manual released by UPC

Manual and workshops to enhance awareness of rating scheme

The Estidama Pearl Villa Manual has been officially released by Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC), providing
guidance for owners, designers and consultants on how to achieve the mandatory one pearl rating for projects
in the emirate.

“For all those involved with the design and construction of a villa, this manual aims to quicken and aid the Estidama
application process by advising on what is required, who to contact for assistance and where materials can be  sourced,” commented Amer Al Hammadi, UPC director of planning and infrastructure.

“It also explains the basics of Estidama and the Pearl Rating System and why these are such important initiatives for
the future development and sustainability of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,” Hammadi added.

Chapters in the manual include: what is Estidama and how is it measured; what is the Pearl Rating System; the need for
Estidama; local challenges; process and procedures; and a summary of resources and tools to construct a sustainable villa.

The release, made at a press conference in Abu Dhabi at the end of last month, is part of an education programme developed by UPC and Municipal System, which has been reinforced by a series of workshops.

The UPC and Municipal System reported details on a series of nine workshops, recently completed across Abu
Dhabi to help villa owners comply with the requirements.

“The villa workshops were some of the tools that we designed to create new attitudes towards sustainability at large as we want to explain that everyone living in Abu Dhabi can — and should — contribute towards it becoming the Arab world’s sustainable capital in accordance with the guiding principles of Vision 2030,” Al Hammadi said.

“Awareness, education and knowledge are the main drivers empowering behavioural change and a change in mindsets of individuals towards sustainability is a core part of ensuring that Estidama gradually and positively impacts our  environment,” he added.

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