Virtual Event – ESG by the Numbers

Does implementing ESG initiatives make you money or cost you money?

ESG still have you stumped? You aren’t alone. Until a set of global and local standards emerges, the conversations will only get louder and more complicated.

But these changes don’t just mean new expenses, burdensome regulations, and more red tape to navigate. When evaluating how the changing ESG regulations can affect your core business, there are exciting new opportunities emerging, including:

  • Offsetting financial risk
  • Improving long-term operational efficiencies
  • Cultivating inclusive social dynamics within your building environments

On Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 3.00pm CEST/2:00pm BST/9:00 AM EST industry experts from EBUSINESS STRATEGIES, Gilbane, HOK, Schneider Electric, and Planon will explore those opportunities in a live, virtual panel discussion. They will discuss many challenges the commercial and corporate markets face today, and will dive into some hot topics around corporate ESG and sustainability.

What can you look forward to in the panel discussion? Here are some conversation starters around the changing ESG regulations that our panellists have posed and will be bringing to the discussion:

  1. ‘ESG isn’t just about collecting and reporting data. It’s about learning from your current building performance to be able to do better.’
  1. ‘When it comes to ESG, we aren’t talking enough about it in terms of how it can offset financial risk for an organisation’s building portfolio. Insurance is going to be the ultimate driver in market stability moving forward. Could your building soon become too risky to insure?’
  1. ‘Shifting the focus away from short-term profitability and onto long-term operational liability is the biggest opportunity ESG offers us when compared to plans of the past. Perspective is critical and timing is everything.’
  1. ‘ESG standards demand a higher level of granularity than federal regulation can handle. While there will have to be standard global rules – like the greenhouse gas protocol – we will see many local variances from country to country within Europe and state to state within the US.’
  1. ‘Whether you’re new to the ESG conversation or a seasoned pro, there is a huge amount of jargon and complexity to navigate for a relatively simple concept: Are we doing good for the environment? For the future?’

Don’t miss this exciting discussion! Register now on the Planon website to reserve your place. While registering, you can also submit a question to the panellists. Some may be addressed during the live discussion.

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