Mayor of Eastern Province tours Construction Machinery Show

HE Eng. Fahd bin Mohammed Al-Jubeir tours Construction Machinery Show on opening day as demos prove a big draw.

LiuGong and Al-Qahtani's display lit up the show

LiuGong and Al-Qahtani’s display lit up the show

The Mayor of the Eastern Province, His Excellency Eng. Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Jubeir, opened the Construction Machinery Show 2014, the largest dedicated event for heavy machinery and construction equipment in the region, at Dhahran International Exhibition Center, Dammam yesterday.  

HE Eng. Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Jubeir and several dignitaries toured the show along with Michael Stansfield, Commercial Director of the Construction Machinery Show.

Much to the delight of the exhibitors, the Mayor took the time to visit every outdoor exhibitor and queried them about their respective equipment. He was particularly impressed with the demonstration shows conducted by Doosan and Bobcat.

Speaking about the Mayor’s visit and the opening day of the show, Raz Islam, Publishing Director of CPI Media Group, the organiser of the show, stated: “We were delighted by the interest the Mayor showed in the exhibitors, equipment and the live demonstrations. One DIEC executive exclaimed that it was the first time he had witnessed a dignitary of this level spend so much time with each of the exhibitors and show genuine interest in the displays. Judging by the interest we witnessed on the first day, we are pleased to say that the demonstrations have already proved to be an excellent value addition to the exhibition and we believe attendees will benefit from seeing the equipment in action.”

Construction Machinery Show 2014 runs every day from 4 p.m to 10 p.m. at the Dhahran International Exhibition Center, Dammam from Feb 16-20, 2014. The demonstrations start from 4:30pm and run continuously until 10pm.


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