Nuvia wins bulk dismantling contract

The company is expected to begin the work in 2025 and will involve 400 people

A contract for the bulk dismantling of two reactor units at the Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden has been awarded to Vinci Construction subsidiary, Nuvia.

According to a report, Nuvia’s scope of works includes the removal, inspection and sorting of around 30,000t of radioactive and non-radioactive material that is currently inside the reactor buildings.

Works on the six-year contract are scheduled to begin in 2025, with around 400 people expected to be involved in the dismantling process.

The Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant is one of Sweden’s largest energy producing nuclear sites. It is owned by energy giant Vattenfall and is located roughly 60km south of Gothenburg on the Varo Peninsula. It was commissioned in 1975 and the facility now comprises four reactor units in total.

While Ringhals 1, which became operational in January 1976 and was shut down in 2020, is a boiling water type reactor with an output capacity of 900MW, Ringhals 2 is a pressurised water reactor that was shut down in 2019, the report noted.

This is the second contract Nuvia has secured at Ringhals. Parent company Vinci added, “Nuvia, which is active in Sweden through its subsidiary Nuvia Nordic AB, has taken part in most of the country’s nuclear dismantling projects so far. In 2022, Nuvia had already won the contract (lot 5) to dismantle the large elements of the primary circuit of one of the plant’s two units.”

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