Yanbu mega-lift for Terex

Crawler moved 1,250km from Kuwait for Yanbu lift

A Terex CC 8800-1 crawler crane owned by Integrated Logistics was transported 1,250 kilometres from Kuwait to Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, to perform a vital lift of a 771 tonne a hydro treating reactor.

The feat required 67 flatbed, 20 low bed and two hydraulic trailers, and it took approximately seven days for all the trailers to reach the KSA site.

Daelim Industrial Company hired Integrated Logistics Company to lift and position a hydro treating reactor for its Yanbu Export Refinery. It had a weight of 771t , with a height of 67m and radius of 3m.

But massive as the lift was, the transportation of the crane was equally significant.

According to Christian Kassner, international sales manager for Terex Cranes, few cranes have the capacity to lift  an object of this size into place. Of those that can do so, even fewer are built as a series, standardizing the production process so that transportation, rigging and maintenance ease are built into each crane produced.

The series-produced CC 8800-1 crane offers several design advantages that helps to facilitate transport ease, said Kassner.

“The crane design takes into account transport requirements for virtually every market in the world. Every component is less than 3.5 m wide, and most components have a shipping weight of less than 40 t. By making this 1,600t crane as a production model, Terex offers significant advantages over competitive designs that are made as a one-off, custom-design crane to meet a specific market need.”

The capabilities of the massive crawler also helped Integrate Logistics win the contract, said Mr Manoj, DGM of operations.

“Timely completion was important on this project since there was little margin due to heavy competition at the bidding stage. We appreciated the relative ease and speed in which the crane was transported and rigged.”

Once the crane’s components arrived at the Yanbu Refinery, Integrated Logistics’ nine crew members – two operators, six riggers and one supervisor – began assembling the CC 8800-1 and the supporting crane equipment.

After six days, Integrated Logistics’ crews were ready to hoist the reactor into position for Daelim. Lift conditions were ideal with favorable weather and wind speeds of less than 7 m/sec, well within the crane’s rating of 9.8 m/sec.

With a congested site that included other significant construction activity at the refinery, crews proceeded cautiously with the tandem lift. Working range during the lift ranged from 3 m to a maximum 24 m. “

Using the CC 8800-1 as the main crane, we maintained a lifting speed of approximately 2 m/min,” says Manoj. “The accuracy of the crane’s control system for this project helped with the lift.”

Within a day the reactor was hoisted and positioned at the congested site. Crews then began dismantling the crane to ship it back to the company’s headquarters in Kuwait. Integrated Logistics had the crane at the jobsite for only 10 days, allowing other projects to continue at the refinery.

“The reliability, maneuverability and accuracy of the CC 8800-1 were excellent, and made it the right crane for this project,” comments Manoj. “The crane’s performance was appreciated by everyone who witnessed the project, including those from the Yanbu Refinery and Daelim Industrial Co – KSA.”


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