SEVEN to develop SEVEN Abha with investment of $346mn

The firm has partnered with leading companies in their respective fields to design the entertainment attractions in Abha

Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN) has announced plans to set up its fifth entertainment destination, its largest, in the Aseer region. SEVEN, a PIF subsidiary, said that the new destination will be developed at a cost of US $346mn.

SEVEN Abha will be home to eight unique attractions, which includes a family entertainment centre offering various experiences from arcade games, unique world-class rides to virtual reality areas. Located between the cities of Abha and Khamis Mushait, near Abha International Airport, the leisure hub will spread over an area of 64,000sqm and will have a built-up area of more than 79,000sqm.

Designed by Gensler, the project’s architecture has been inspired by the ancient stone buildings of the area to highlight the identity of Aseer. The design is said to align with the principles of The Urban Code of the Aseer Region, which aims to promote excellence in urban planning, design, landscape and architecture, while respecting the identity of the region.

Unveiling the project, SEVEN said it is investing more than $13.3bn to build 21 entertainment destinations, which will provide unique and innovative world-class entertainment experiences and global partnerships from within the sector. Saudi-based Modern Building Leaders (MBL) has been signed up by SEVEN to carry out the construction works.

“Aseer region is witnessing an unprecedented renaissance across different sectors and verticals through the endless support from our leadership. SEVEN’s entertainment destination in Abha is one of the key projects in Aseer which will support our ambition to become a global destination all year round,” said Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Chairman of Aseer Development Authority (ASDA).

SEVEN Chairman Abdullah AlDawood added, “Abha represents another ambitious project in the framework of our efforts to support the entertainment sector across the Kingdom following the objectives and goals of Vision 2030. We are forecasting a GDP contribution of more than $1.06bn and over five million visitors by 2030. In addition to creating more than hundreds of direct and indirect jobs for the people of Aseer region.”

Modern Building Leaders CEO Olivier Crasson said, “We are honoured to be among the pioneering companies contributing to projects under Saudi Vision 2030. We are proud to partner with SEVEN in executing this distinguished project, an iconic entertainment landmark in the region. At MBL, we have dedicated our full effort and extensive expertise to accelerate the project, committing to the highest standards of execution using state-of-the-art technology and machinery in construction. We are fully committed to safety and sustainability measures, ensuring the preservation of the environment and the safety of all workers involved in the project.”

SEVEN said it has partnered with leading companies in their respective fields to design the entertainment attractions in Abha, including Cundall, Theme 3, Top Notch, Holofice, Thinkwell and Sea Quest.

“Visitors can experience a full range of live entertainment events at the multipurpose venue, indoor e-karting on multi-level tracks, a 10-lane futuristic bowling concept, a 10-screen cinema from AMC and many more fun-filled experiences all under one roof. In addition, SEVEN will bring a wide range of retail and F&B offerings with something to suit everyone,” concluded AlDawood.


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