RTA begins installation of solar panels at metro and tram depots

The move is in support of the RTA’s long-term strategy aimed at reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050

The installation of solar energy panels at the Dubai Metro Depots at Jebel Ali and Al Qusais as well as the Tram Depot at Al Safouh is underway according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). According to the RTA, the project will be completed in the first quarter of 2024 and will produce a total of 9.959MW of solar power.

The move is said to align with the Dubai Government’s ‘Shams Dubai’ initiative and the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy. It is also in support of the RTA’s long-term strategy aimed at reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050, focusing on three primary sectors: public transportation, buildings and related facilities, and waste management.

The solar PV power system represent a key element of sustainable renewable energy sources, which supports RTA’s efforts to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure of facilities. Moreover, solar panels save costs, conserve resources, reduce carbon emissions and enhance environmental sustainability, the firm stated.

The installation of solar panels is spread over two phases; the initial phase is the mechanical setup during which the supporting structures are erected and the PV panels are mounted. The second phase involves the electrical setup, which includes laying out the wiring and establishing connections for the solar energy system. The RTA is expected to achieve a total saving of carbon dioxide emissions amounting to 3.962t annually.

The total solar energy production amounts to 3.165MW at Jebel Ali Metro Depot, 3.804MW at Al Qusais Metro Depot, and 2.990MW at Al Safouh Tram Depot. The expected lifespan of solar panels is 25 to 30 years, and a periodic maintenance programme is being developed to follow energy production readings and monitor the operational efficiency of these facilities, the RTA noted.


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