Parson using AI across numerous giga-projects in the Middle East

Initiative with marks a notable expansion in the use of AI technology within the region, with over 30 deployments

Parsons has announced its successful implementation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and 360-degree imagery in numerous mega- and giga-projects across the Middle East.

Collaborating with, Parsons is utilising the platform to revolutionise construction supervision technologies, significantly enhancing efficiency across the entire project lifecycle.

This initiative marks a notable expansion in the use of AI technology within the region, with over 30 deployments, firmly establishing Parsons as a leader in this field. The integration of with Building Information Modeling (BIM) stands out as a pioneering move, offering a value-driven approach that ensures near real-time site imagery for stakeholders. This integration not only improves project visibility but also drives commercial advancements, quality enhancements, better coordination among stakeholders, and more rapid reporting processes.

Pierre Santoni, President of Infrastructure for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Parsons, emphasised the transformative impact of this technology: “Automation is just one factor in the transformative revolution in the engineering sector. What sets Parsons’ projects apart is our expertise in deploying the latest technologies, which has enabled a seamless integration of AI and ushered in an era of unprecedented efficiencies and capabilities.”

The introduction of these technologies by Parsons is not just a step towards advanced automation, but it also brings substantial benefits in project management. By freeing up human resources from routine tasks, these technological advancements allow for a more focused approach to critical project management activities. This shift is not only reducing project timelines but also mitigating risks. Moreover, the digital transformation championed by Parsons significantly reduces the need for physical travel, thereby lowering the carbon footprint of these projects.

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