EIA report for 700MW offshore wind farm secures approval

The wind farm is expected to begin producing energy as early as 2028

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) report for Lithuania’s second offshore wind farm has been approved. The move follows studies conducted by the EIA landscape assessment team, which concluded that the visual impact of the proposed offshore wind farm would be insignificant.

The wind farm, with a capacity of 700MW, is set to cover an area of approximately 136.39sqkm and will be situated approximately 30km from the Lithuanian coast.

The project is now expected to start producing energy as early as 2028. According to a report, the team also approved the impact mitigation measures and actions to be undertaken by the developer during the construction and operation of the project.

The wind farm, which will be developed within a 2km of the boundary of the Natura 2000 protected area, will include wind turbines projected to reach a height of 350m, which are claimed to optimise energy generation and minimise environmental impact.

The evaluation of the EIA report also included the participation of neighbouring countries in the Baltic region. Poland, Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark all contributed to the transboundary assessment of the project. The project is said to have received a financial boost from the European Commission, which has approved a state aid scheme worth US $204.5mn to support its development.

The selection of a developer will now be determined through a tender process, which is set to launch on 15 January 2024, pending approval by the Lithuanian government.


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