Red Sea Global launches Saudi’s largest EV charging network

150 charging stations ready to power-up fleet of 80 courtesy sedans, as sustainable resort prepares for first tourists

Red Sea Global (RSG) has completed the installation of the largest off-grid electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Saudi Arabia. The network includes more than 150 charging stations spread across phase one of The Red Sea destination area.

The stations are said to be strategically placed to keep RSG’s initial fleet of 80 electric Lucid and Mercedes vehicles continually charged and on the road. The Mercedes-Benz EQS and Lucid Air vehicles are for the exclusive use of guest transport during their stay at The Red Sea, the developer noted.

Whether arriving or departing from the airport, or travelling between the various resorts and facilities, guests can reserve the electric fleet through advanced bookings or on an on-demand basis, according to their needs.

Group CEO John Pagano explained, “Our ambition to combine sustainability and luxury like never before takes a new form as we drive The Red Sea into the future of next-gen, smart mobility, fully powered by sunlight. Our electric transport fleet and charging network not only elevates our environmental credibility with yet another global benchmark in carbon-neutral operations but does so in a way that matches our guests’ expectations for high-end style and comfort.”

The infrastructure required to service, maintain, and operate the fleet is also now in place ready for the arrival of the first guests to the destination. This includes a mobility hub that is expected to create 1,500 new jobs such as chauffeurs, hub managers, skilled technicians, and EV charging specialists, RSG added.

These roles will in turn contribute to enhancing the Kingdom’s role in the field of future mobility, while reaffirming RSG’s commitment to empowering young Saudis, particularly in local communities.

Andreas Flourou, Group Head of Mobility, added: “Red Sea Global heralds a new era of cutting-edge mobility with Saudi Arabia’s premier luxury EV fleet marking a milestone in sustainable transportation. The addition of Mercedes-Benz EQS and Lucid Airs, powered by our solar grid, reinforces our commitment to regenerative tourism. Our carbon-neutral operations provide guests with a seamless and stylish travel experience, while creating new jobs and empowering young Saudis.”

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