Hatta hydroelectric project fully on-schedule

250MW plant set to be completed in Q1 2025, with a projected life span of 80 years

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced that more than 70% of the work has been completed on its pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant in the Hatta region – and it is fully on-track for completion in Q1 2025.

Once operational, it will have a production capacity of 250 megawatts (MW), a storage capacity of 1,500 megawatt-hours, and a life span of up to 80 years.

In terms of the science behind the project, the hydroelectric power plant works via energy storage with a turnaround efficiency of 78.9%, using the potential energy of the water stored in the upper dam. This is converted to kinetic energy during the flow of water through a 1.2-km subterranean tunnel. This kinetic energy rotates the turbine and converts mechanical energy to electrical energy sent to the DEWA grid.

This is the first station in the GCC region, with investments of up to AED1.42 bn, said DEWA Managing Director and CEO, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer.

He was speaking after an inspection tour of the plant site in Hatta, where he witnessed the assembly of generators and the ongoing construction of service and operational facilities.

The visit also included an examination of the upper dam, where the water intake structure and the associated bridge have now been successfully completed.

Also, the construction of the 72-metre main Roller Compacted Concrete wall of the upper dam has been completed, and preliminary measures are now in place to commence filling the upper dam by the end of the year.

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