L&T Construction delivers India’s first 3D printed post office

The 1,021sqft structure is located in Bengaluru, India and was completed in 43 days

L&T Construction has announced that it has used COBOD technology to deliver a 3D-printed post office in Bengaluru, India. The technology is said to have reduced the delivery time by 80% and costs by 40%.

“It is because of the robotic intervention that involves pre-embedded designs, that we were able to complete the entire construction activity in a period of 43 days as compared to about 8 months taken by the conventional method,” stated George Abraham, Head of Operations at L&T.

The 3D printed post office is said to be the first in India. The project has a total floor area of 1,021sqft and is said to have been delivered at a cost of $31,200. Using COBOD’s 3D printing technology, the project took 43 days to complete.

“Every Indian would be proud to see India’s first 3D printed Post Office at Cambridge Layout, Bengaluru. A testament to our nation’s innovation and progress, it also embodies the spirit of a self-reliant India. Compliments to those who have worked hard in ensuring the Post Office’s completion,” said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi via a social media post.

L&T said that the project would have taken eight months to deliver, had it used traditional delivery methods.

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