“Khalifa Port easily among best hubs worldwide”

GCC Secretariat General delegation visits Khalifa Port, Fujairah Port

During a recent visit to the Khalifa Port and Fujairah Port in the UAE, the GCC Secretariat General’s delegation praised the customs work across the UAE’s ports, adding the work procedures adopted in the ports are a “source of pride for all member states.”

Hosted by the Federal Customs Authority (FCA), the visit was approved by the GCC Customs Union to inspect the first points of entry. Khalid A. Al Bustani, the FCA acting director-general said the UAE is keen on cooperating with other GCC states, and has made “effective contribution to economic integration for successful GCC Customs Union.”

Khalifa Port, according to Daifallah bin Badr Al-Otaibi, head of the Saudi delegation, despite its young age is “well-equipped with the latest systems and equipment required for completing import customs procedures, with the warehouses, cameras, live means (police dogs) and trained human resources.”

Abu Dhabi’s port was also praised by Hassan Ali Al-Nuaimi, head of the Qatari delegation. “Khalifa Port is deemed one of the customs hubs in which we pride not only in the UAE, but in all the GCC countries,” he said. “It is a typical, integrated customs port that fulfills all requirements stated in the Customs Union guide.

“Port of Fujairah as well is a strategic port contributing to bolstering the GCC regional security.” Al-Nuaimi continued, adding the UAE has enhanced performance in customs ports over a short period of time.

Khalifa Port, Al-Nuaimi said, “can easily pass the international examination requirements by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to rank among the best hubs worldwide.”

The visit of the GCC Secretariat General delegation comes in light of the GCC Financial and Economic Cooperation Committee’s decision, taken in its 90th meeting, to make intensified field visits to customs ports across the GCC countries.

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