Groves in tandem lift

Two Grove ATCs in complicated lift of floating building


Grove cranes in tandem lift

Grove cranes in tandem lift

Three Grove all-terrain cranes have been used to install the foundation of a unique floating building on the river Mosel in Schengen, Luxembourg.

Two of the Grove cranes, a GMK6300L and GMK6220L, completed the complicated tandem lift, placing the 64 t base of the building, measured 34 m long and 6 m wide. A GMK3055 was also on site for support.

All three cranes are owned by local rental company Megalift. Working in consultation with the local Manitowoc dealer MKT, the two main cranes were chosen for their precise load control, said MKT general manager Uwe Döring.

“Grove cranes are easy to maneuver, quick to set-up and make light work of even demanding lifts,” he says. “It was extremely important that the two cranes worked together to lift the load smoothly. The operators were very impressed by the ease with which they handled the demanding job. The cranes caused minimum disruption to the surrounding area, performed the lift very efficiently and were on their way to the next job site in no time.”

Situated on a small, residential road next to a sloped riverbank, the job site made for a challenging set up. The cranes were carefully positioned to execute the intricate lift, which required the 300 t capacity GMK6300L and the 220 t GMK6220L to perform a 180-degree pick and carry from a truck over to the river.

Having traveled 60 km from Megalift’s headquarters in Colmar Berg to the job site, the three cranes took half a day to set up and spent two days on the project. River traffic was halted during the lift, but despite the large load and the difficulties in preparing the narrow riverbank, the Grove cranes completed the job with time to spare.

The building will be a new tourist information and exhibition center.

Grove’s 300 tonne capacity GMK6300L is a six-axle, all-terrain crane with the longest boom in its class, at 80 m, while the 220 t capacity Grove GMK6220L is its predecessor that offers a 72 m boom. The GMK3055 has a 55 t capacity and a 43 m main boom.

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