Works begin on US $2bn Haneda Airport Access Line in Japan

The project will cut travel time from 30 minutes on existing lines to 18 minutes

The start of construction works for a new train line that will connect Tokyo Station and Haneda International Airport began last week, and was marked with a special ceremony, a report by Kyodo has outlined. The project, valued at US $2bn, is expected to begin service before March 2032, which is said to be two years later than originally planned.

According to the report, the new airport line will be operated by East Japan Railway Co, and will allow passengers to travel the approximately 14km journey in 18 minutes, compared to the current 30-minute journey on existing lines.

The Haneda Airport Access Line will incorporate existing bridges, viaducts and other structures from the disused Oshio Line, in addition to a new station in an underground area between the airport’s Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

The new line will “play a major role in (our service) network in the metropolitan area in the future,” stated East Japan Railway President Yuji Fukasawa.


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