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Mohamed Karam outlines his company’s business, regional growth drivers and how his firm’s solutions can support the region’s sustainable ambitions

Big Project Middle East speaks to Mohamed Karam, Senior Business Development Manager – MEA at InSinkErator a Whirlpool company about his firm’s business over the last 12 months and their plans for the future.

  • Talk to us about your business in 2022, how did your company fare and what do you anticipate in terms of business in 2023?

We had a good year in 2022 despite the challenges of inflation and supply chain – we managed to grow by single digits in this tough environment. We had a strong takeoff in Q1 in 2023, especially within the Gulf area. We saw some softening of demand in Q2 due to economic instability in some markets in the region, but we are confident about the second half the year, in terms of the demand going back on the right track.

  • What are some of the trends driving the growth of your business in 2023? Which verticals will be the most important to your business in 2023?

Home improvement which was raised during the outbreak of the pandemic is still leading the trend, as well as recent projects that were launched in the Gulf region, specifically in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Plus, there is a growing environmental trend where several commercial and residential buildings are keen to have the right solutions and technology to reduce their carbon footprint and to be environmentally responsible.

  • Outside of the UAE, which other GCC markets are of interest to Insinkerator and what is your strategy to expand into those markets?

Saudi Arabia is one of the oldest and most promising market in the GCC. In the past years, they have announced several megaprojects like NEOM, the Red Sea, and the Line. The country is being driven by Saudi Vision 2030 under the guidance of His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, and this gives a lot of priority for new technology and Greentech solutions.

Mohamed Karam, Senior Business Development Manager – MEA at InSinkErator a Whirlpool company

  • InSinkErator has a raft of different products – which is the most successful in the UAE, and what differentiates your product compared to competitors in the market?

We invented food waste disposers in 1927 and since then we have continued to design, develop and produce all of our disposers. Today, we are the biggest producer of cutting edge products in this specific product category.

  • The hospitality market is booming in several GCC countries including the UAE. What are some of the key client requirements Insinkerator hears from its clients in the hospitality space for new builds and/or refurbishments?

The foodservice and hospitality sectors are two of the fast-growing sectors in the region. Waste management and cost reduction are one of their main challenges in both sectors, especially with new laws and standards which been applied recently to maintain healthy and clean operations, in addition to efficiency with regards to the use of resources and utilities. These are some of the key requirements which we are hearing about and Insinkerator’s various product are the right solutions to address these issues.

  • Many countries are trying to divert waste away from landfills and processing plants; what impact can deploying state of the art garbage disposal systems within hotels make in terms of enabling countries to achieve their goals?

They can have a great impact actually. First, garbage disposal systems treat waste in the same place it is being created, so there’s no need to transport or store it, which immediately reduces the cost and carbon footprint of the hospitality institutions. Second, these solution can help to reuse or recycle organic waste to biogas or even bio fertiliser, which helps to achieve environmental goals and carbon neutrality agendas for the institution in question and the whole country.

  • Apart from garbage disposals, what innovations/products does Insinkerator offer that can positively impact a client’s sustainable goals?

Our Instant Hot Water Dispensers & Hot Water Heaters which add convenience to your kitchen and instantly upgrades your ability to get things done. Whether cooking, cleaning without harsh chemicals, entertaining, or simply relaxing with a hot beverage, InSinkErator instant hot water helps you save time, reduce the wastage during heating water, and improves overall efficiency.

WasteXpress efficiently processes food waste without the need to use cardboard. Our systems can process up to 320kg per hour and can be installed under any standard dish table. All liquid and solid waste in the food waste disposer is first ground and then reduced by up to 85% of its original volume in the dewatering section. With this solution, ten bags of waste can actually be turned into less than two! WasteXpress can handle virtually all kitchen waste, including food scraps, placemats, napkins, jelly packets and straws.



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