The RTA has been bold, now is the time for the private sector to play a key role, says Serco’s Rowles

It is important that customer experience remains world-class, says Serco Middle East’s operations director for Transport

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announcement its ‘Zero-Emissions Public Transportation in Dubai 2050’ strategy, including the decarbonisation of transport by 2050 has been described as a bold move and an opportunity for the private sector to play a key role by Serco Middle East’s operations director for Transport Samantha Rowles.

Commenting on a move which makes it the first Middle Eastern agency to develop a long-term strategy for migrating towards Net-Zero Emission Public Transport by 2050, Rowles tells MECN’s sister site T& “This news is a major step forward for sustainability in the UAE. Dubai’s RTA has taken a bold and ambitious step to mitigate climate change and minimise its carbon footprint across public transportation, buildings and related facilities and waste management. As the first Middle Eastern agency to highlight its long-term strategy, this will provide a catalyst for others to follow suit, and its efforts to operate with a purpose-led vision should be applauded.”

The private sector has a key role to play here in supporting government agencies to take steps to reduce carbon emissions, she adds.

“We are already an impact partner to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in our work with Red Sea Global’s Mobility team to ensure a world-class, net-zero mobility experience for guests at The Red Sea. With the resort relying on multiple modes of green transport across land, marine, and air – from seaplanes and boats to buggies – ensuring guests have a seamless luxury experience from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave is paramount.”

Rowles draws comparison with the Saudi initiatives with the RTA’s own primary objectives including the decarbonisation of all taxis, limousines, and public buses,  as well as designing buildings with near-zero energy consumption, sourcing energy from renewable sources, and eliminating municipal waste by sending zero waste to landfills.

“Similarly, the same approach applies with the RTA’s announcement. The steps to net-zero public transport is a welcome move, and with that in mind, it will be important to ensure that the customer experience remains world-class. Dubai has a real opportunity to set the agenda for environmentally friendly modes of transport, and in the lead up to COP28, with all eyes of the world on the region, it will be vital to ensure that the customer experience operates to the highest level.”

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