Kuwait’s MEWRE awards Mitsubishi Power optimisation contract for key facility

The move aligns with Kuwait Vision 2035 to meet the country’s growing power needs and goals for a decarbonised future

The Kuwait Ministry of Electricity & Water & Renewable Energy (MEWRE) has awarded a long-term contract to Mitsubishi Power, to optimise the performance of the Sabiya power and water distillation station and boost its efficiency.

As per the terms of the deal, Mitsubishi Power will provide major plant upgrade services and cutting-edge technologies for the Sabiya Power and Water Distillation Station – the plant is said to be the largest power and water facility in the country. The deal will extend the lifetime of the power and water station to up to 20 years to ensure efficient, safe and reliable power generation in Kuwait.

Mitsubishi Power said the move was in line with Kuwait Vision 2035 to meet the country’s growing power needs and goals for a decarbonised energy future.

As per the deal, Mitsubishi Power will be responsible for the upgrade of eight units of steam turbine, generators (gas and oil fired) and control systems units, while implementing innovative technology at the Sabiya power station, such as digital electronic hydraulic (DEH), new turbine protection system (TPS) and new turbine supervisory instrument (TSI).

“This new contract is the latest in our proud 50-year journey of supporting the state and people of Kuwait to meet their power needs with Mitsubishi Power’s industry-leading, reliable technology and local capabilities. As Kuwait embarks on its next phase of ambitious growth in line with Vision 2035, we are committed to continue supporting the Ministry in expanding its power infrastructure and ushering its transition towards a low carbon society,” remarked Khalid Salem, the President of Middle East & Africa at Mitsubishi Power.

Mitsubishi Power is a key power supplier for Kuwait, with a long and successful heritage in the country that extends over 50 years, he added.

Haitham Al Ali, the Assistant Undersecretary for Electric Power Stations and Water Distillation Sector at MEWRE remarked, “We are delighted to award this strategic project to Mitsubishi Power, our long-term partner, to ensure the modernization of Sabiya with new and improved state-of-the-art power solutions that deliver high efficiency, high performance, and reliable power to the people of Kuwait. With the company’s global expertise, proven engineering standards, and long-term track record in power solutions across the Middle East, we are confident that Mitsubishi Power will continue to accompany our journey of progress towards a sustainable energy future for the country.”

Mitsubishi Power technology solutions provide a large portion of Kuwait’s power supply, and power key installations in the Oil & Gas industry including Mina Al-Ahmadi and Mina Abdullah refineries, while also supplying vital equipment for Kuwait’s desalination stations, the statement concluded.

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