Al Masaood to support UAE nuclear industry through Bertin Technologies tie-up

Collaboration enables ALM to develop turn-key solutions for the UAE’s commitment to safety, security, and peaceful use says Hani El Tannir

Al Masaood Group Industrial is to supply equipment and critical systems for the nuclear industry after announcing a partnership with Bertin Technologies, a French industrial group dedicated to scientific instrumentation for critical applications.

The partnership will bring together Bertin Technologies’ radiation protection and ionising radiation monitoring expertise with Al Masaood’s know-how and extensive network in the Middle East to: “offer high-quality products and services to customers in the nuclear industry,” explained the firms in a statement.

The companies said that they will now focus on the supply of equipment and critical systems for the radiological protection measurement and control of radiation protection for nuclear power plants.

In late May 2022, Al Masaood was named distributor of TCM heavy & medium forklifts in the UAE and, in early October 2022, Unit 3 of the Barakah Nuclear Plant was successfully connected to the UAE power grid.

“Through innovation and collaboration, we are proud to sign this alliance with Al Masaood, one of the leading companies in the Middle East, to harness the power of nuclear technology for a sustainable future while promoting safety and security that will benefit the UAE nation and its business community,” said Bruno Vallayer, President of Bertin Technologies.

Hani El Tannir, Chief Executive Officer at Al Masaood Group Industrial added, “We are delighted to partner with Bertin Technologies to advance radiological protection measures for nuclear power plants and elevate nuclear safety across the UAE’s energy program.

“This collaboration will enable us to pool our expertise and technologies and develop turn-key solutions that bolster the UAE’s commitment to safety, security, and peaceful use. Our long-term partnership with Bertin Technologies will ensure that we support the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) to maintain the highest standards of safety and security in the operation of the UAE’s nuclear power plants,” he concluded.

In early October 2022, Inspire marked five million man-hours with zero LTI at the Barakah Nuclear Plant.

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