ILF awarded consultancy contract for three solar PV projects in Saudi Arabia

Once operational, the projects will form a key part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 strategy to be a renewable energy champion by 2030

A consultancy contract for pre-development studies of three multiple gigawatt solar PV parks has been awarded to ILF Consulting Engineers Saudi Arabia. Once commissioned, the projects would constitute what’s billed as the world’s largest renewable energy project by installed capacity.

Discussing the energy projects, ILF said these are part of the most ambitious and prestigious developments globally in terms of sustainability, innovation, and technological vanguard, and a key piece of the puzzle in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 strategy to be a world champion in renewable energies by 2030.

The scope of work for ILF involves the provision of engineering services for the parks to reach a development maturity ready for tendering on an IPP basis. The pre-development studies also include: preliminary site assessment; master plan; environmental baseline surveys; permitting; energy yield assessment; technology selection and CAPEX/OPEX estimate, as well as the advanced design of the park, said ILF Consulting Engineers.

In December 2022, Dubai’s AMEA Power awarded 120MW Solar Project in South Africa and in late January 2023, EWEC launched bids for an Abu Dhabi solar plant.

In addition, the work scope also covers environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA); studies with regard to geotechnical, hydrological, glint/glare and corrosion.

The project is a perfect match with ILF’s commitment to climate protection and its vision statement of ‘improving quality of life’, it concluded.

In late January 2023, the Al Ghazala Energy Company said it had begun construction of a 300MW solar PV project.

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