SEWA makes major progress on Khorfakkan infrastructure projects

SEWA said it also completed water connections to 344 residential villas, again via the Al Haray project

The Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA) said it implemented and finalised a number of key development projects in Khorfakkan city last year. These included the setting up of 36 sub-distribution stations, in addition to a main-hub distribution station 11/33 kV (Al Haray Station No. 3).

Other work included the modernisation of a 3000kV amperes power station in Nahwa area, replacing the existing electric generators with contemporary, high-capacity equipment. More than 80% of the work has been completed on the Al Haray Station which will have a total capacity of 60MVA, able to supply 502 residential plots in the area, the utility major said.

SEWA said it also completed water connections to 344 residential villas, again via the Al Haray project.

In late January 2023, the SWPC issued RFQs to 35 companies for the Jubail 4 & 6 IWPs and, a senior official said that the construction of a key highway to East Sitra was on track for completion.

Ahmed Al Mulla, Director of Khorfakkan Department of SEWA confirmed that the authority continues to implement all development projects in Khorfakkan city, comprising both electricity and lighting networks, along with water projects.

He explained that SEWA is conducting a study for the development of two distribution substations, with a total capacity of adding 3000kVA to the Khorfakkan distribution network, to feed the Khorfakkan Corniche development project (affiliated with Shurooq). The authority will also follow up on the new hotel project in the Al Mudaifi area, with a total capacity of 17,500 kVA, and a health centre project in Yarmouk.

In early February 2023, DEWA said it had spent US $871mn on new projects in 2022.

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